Halloween at the farm

Tis the season to come to the farm all dressed up for our self-guided Halloween-themed scavenger hunt or your chance to carve or paint your pumpkins the weekend of Halloween, leave the mess with us and feed it to the farm animals! Limited spaces available, click on the images below to get your tickets!

Self guided Farm tours

We know about technology to reduce carbon emissions: renewable energy, electric vehicles, solar airplanes…But scientists have confirmed that 1% is enough for soil to save the world from climate change. Yes, healthy soil could save us!

Plants absorb carbon from the atmosphere and turn it into sugars to eat and feed the soil which sustains their growth. Basically, plants can transform “bad carbon” greenhouse gases in the atmosphere into “good carbon” in the form of soil biology, pulling that carbon back down where it belongs: underground.

On your self-guided tour, you'll learn the basics of carbon farming and get a close look at all the ways we are learning to sequester carbon at Solidarity Farm/Pauma Tribal Farms.

Questions or Special Inquires Contact Bea at carbonsinkfarms@gmail.com

Self-guided tours
Wednesdays 10:30AM
Saturdays 10:30AM & 1:00PM
One ticket per person, limit 10 people/day.  We appreciate your cooperation to keep groups  adequately staggered and distanced.
In case of extreme weather this event may be rescheduled for a later date.
Self-guided tours for kids
Wednesdays &
Fridays 1PM

We've adapted the "regular" tour to be even more hands on for kids.  Most appropriate for 3rd to 6th grade, but, can be easily adapted up or down.  Learning pods and family size limited to 8 people by State mandate. 

In case of extreme weather this event may be rescheduled for a later date.