Farmers & Eaters, Unite!

The Coronavirus has put the vulnerabilities in our food system on full display.  Stores have been emptied, shortages loom on the horizon, and produce feels unsafe to consume.  But in every challenge, there is opportunity.  Let's learn from this experience and build permanent connections to local farms that can adapt and provide you with safe and healthful foods!  We will use our best food safety protocols to ensure your food is delivered safely from field to fork.  The two ways to access Solidarity Farm produce are to come visit us on the farm, or, to get involved in our new, cooperatively-run, farmer-owned distribution company.   

solidarity farm - 760.297.0838 (text is best)-  14909 Pauma Valley DR, Pauma Valley CA 92061 -

Original art by worker-owner steven "kooki" Heslin

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