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Solidarity Shares

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Solidarity Farm is a community of mutual aid and support. We work extremely hard to grow the best food at fair prices for our customers...and you support us with your hard earned money.  As a strong community, we have the opportunity to do more together than we can alone.  With "solidarity shares" our members can add $5 to $25 to their monthly CSA bill...or even make a one time help us achieve our collective vision.
In January, join Solidarity Farm in contributing food and monetary donations to Enero Zapatista, an all volunteer organization that will be bringing San Diego it's 11th consecutive year of educational and cultural events in the spirit of zapatismo and the indigenous struggles of southern Mexico.  
In February, March and April, contributions will go towards constructing new on site housing for our MESA Stewards.  Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture (MESA) facilitates future farmers from all over the world who want to come and learn about agroecology.  We are committed to constructing at least one new living unit to bring a new student in 2017.
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