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2023 Farm School will be hosted March through May 2023.  Thank you for your understanding as our farmers and instructors take a much needed rest this Fall!





Spring Session: To be announced after January 1, 2023

$35/ session

Payment due monthly--No refunds for missed classes unless previously cleared by our Administrator.  Charter funds will be accepted from all Inspire Schools.  If you have a different charter, please contact us a and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Protocols will be established after January 1, 2023 to reflect the current situation.


Rain or Shine

We believe in braving the elements! We will only cancel classes if: it is going to be over 100-degrees before 12pm or the roads are hazardous due to rain.  If we are cancelling class, you will receive a text message before 630am on the day of the class. 


Solidarity Farm School follows a predictable pattern and pace, allowing the students to settle in to a rhythm on the farm.  For some of the day we work as a large, integrated group, but for farm work and workshops, we divide the children into age appropriate groups.

Littles:  Age 3 to 5

Middles:  Age 6 to 9

Bigs: 10 to 13

Morning Circle: Each session we will gather together at the fire pit for morning verse and story.  Then, we'll stretch and do our morning exercise to ensure we are fully awake for our day.

Farm Lab:  Student work is fully integrated into the activities of Solidarity Farm and challenges the student to master...and to age-appropriate task.

Littles:  Weeding and Crop Care (tool: mini hula hoe)

Middles:  Germination and planting (tool: trowel)

Bigs:  Harvesting and washing (tool: harvest knife)

In addition to getting their hands dirty, students will also explore soil science through microscopes, 

Herbology:  Led by Shana Lipner-Grover of Sage Country Herbs, students will take an age-appropriate journey through botanical identification, learn plant based first aid, and make medicines from what they harvest on the farm.

EcoArts: Solidarity Farm is thrilled to welcome Ashley Mazanec, founder-director of EcoArts Foundation, to our teaching team this year.  Ashley will weave together fine arts and ecology to help our students explore the beauty and interconnectedness of regenerative agriculture.

Chop Shop:  The best part about a farm is the food! This session, Chef Christina Ng will guide students to create and share tasty, seasonal treats with their fellow farmers (and integrate a healthy dose of basic anatomy along the way). 

Closing Circle:  At the end of each day we will gather at the fire pit or under the oak to reflect on the day's activities and share our closing verse.

Reserve Your Spot!

Space in our Spring Session 2023 will fill up quickly.  If you'd like to join our interest list, please click below and fill out the Google Form (one for each student).  If you have any questions, please email


Thank you for your interest in Solidarity Farm School!

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