This year's farm school will follow a predictable pattern and pace, allowing the students to settle in to a rhythm on the farm.  For some of the day we will work as a large, integrated group, and for our main lesson, farm work and shop, we will divide the children into age appropriate groups.

Littles:  Age 3 to 6

Middles:  Age 7 to 9

Bigs: 10 to 13

Morning Circle: Each session we will gather together at the fire pit for morning verse and story.  Then, we'll stretch and do our morning exercise to ensure we are fully awake for our day.

Main Lesson:  Main lesson will focus on understanding nature’s will and how farmers partner with nature to cultivate our food.  We will explore this through age appropriate study of wild and domesticated plants, plant adaptations and nutritional/medicinal properties.  Middles and Bigs will have a main lesson book in which we will record our observations through writing and illustration. Littles will explore through songs, games and art.

Farm Work:  Farm work this year will be focused on completing the same chore or activity each week in order to build the will.  Students will be challenged to identify opportunities to innovate and upgrade the system of accomplishing that chore or farm activity to demonstrate the power of mastery.

Littles:  Weeding (tool: mini hula hoe)

Middles:  Greenhouse and planting (tool: trowel)

Bigs:  Harvesting and washing (tool: harvest knife)

Shop and Chop shop:  Each week we will alternate between carpentry and cooking, honing our skills to fully enjoy the fruits of our labor. At the end of each season we will enjoy a feast that features our work--putting real meaning behind the phrase "farm to table".

Closing Circle:  At the end of each day we will gather at the fire pit or under the oak to reflect on the day's activities and share our closing verse.

Daily Schedule 

9am Opening circle, exercise, story (All)


Littles                   Middles                 Bigs     

Main lesson          Shop                     Farm Work


Littles                   Middles                 Bigs    

Farm Work           Main lesson          Shop

1045am  Snack, Free Time (All)


Littles                   Middles                 Bigs     

Shop                    Farm Work            Main Lesson

1150am  Closing Circle (All)