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About Us

Here at Solidarity Farm, we're striving to create a stronger, healthier, more food secure future.  We practice "ethical farming" which means we work hard each day to balance the needs of humans, animals, plants and nature in a way that honors each part of this interconnected system.  

As a primary part of that vision, Solidarity Farm operates as a worker-owned cooperative.  Far too many farms exploit the labor of immigrant workers, and we are committed to creating a more equitable model where we share equally in the rewards and struggles of the business. 

Our vision also includes making great food affordable and accessible so that no one is excluded from nourishing themselves and their families.  We invite those who can afford it, to support this vision by adding on a "solidarity share" to their purchases.

Together, we are building a more just local food system...and invite you to get involved!


We specialize in growing multiple varieties of each crop...because diversity is not only good for the farm, it's fun on our tables!


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